"Leadership You Can Believe DUNEDIN"

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the quality of life for all residents in Dunedin by efficient and effective leadership that focuses on the people.


Dunedin will be a vibrant, attractive, and a safe city which is recognized as a model community which:

- Takes pride in its history, diversity, and environment.
- Promotes and enjoys community respect, pride, and cooperation.
- Provides visionary and creative leadership.
- Values its residents, public employees, merchants and recognizes their needs      and achievments.


 - Grassroots Campaign.
 - Progressive and Forward Thinking.
 - Unify - Together "U 'N I" Can.
 - Be a Part of the Solution.
 - Leadership for the Future.
 - Focus on Today & Tomorrow.
 - Leadership You Can Trust.
 - Leadership You Can Believe IN.
 - Leadership For The People.
 - Putting the People of Dunedin First.
 - A Champion for the People.
 - Dunedin You Have a Voice & a Choice.
 - It's Your Time Dunedin.
 - Different Leadership for a Different Result.